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Welcome to Chisinau. Airport meeting and tour of the city.

Welcome to Moldova. We invite you to discover our capital city “Chisinau”. The first reference to the city is from the year 1436. It has a rich and beautiful architecture of white stone earning it a nickname the “white stone flower”.

Chisinau suffered through two world wars and the ruinous earthquake of 1940, but it is proud of being re-built by such famous Russian architects as A. Bernardazzi and A. Sciusev. During the tour you’ll get acquainted with Moldovan history, culture, architecture, political, commercial and social life.  You will visit next sights: the Glory Memorial “Eternity”, old buildings of 19th century designed by A. Bernardazzi: the Water Tower, City Hall,  and St. Teodora church, etc., the Cathedral and Arch of Triumph, the Central Park, and the Classics’ Alley.

The Ancient City Of Orheiul Vechi And Cricova Wine Town

We will start the tour with one of the most beautiful monastery in Moldova, “Curchi” Monastery. This is a real pearl of our religious life. Here you’ll visit some churches, and among them – the “Virgin’s Assumption” Cathedral, built by the drawings of genius architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

After the monastery, we will continue with Orheiul Vechi region. Here you will have the opportunity to visit the most interesting archaeological site housing the ruins of two cities (14th -16th century). Tatars settled here on their expansion to Western Europe. Continue with a visit to the well-maintained Orthodox Cave Monastery, which was expanded and modified inside the cliffs by monks over the centuries. Before living this amazing place, we invite you to taste from delicious local dishes.

In the afternoon we will continue with Cricova underground galleries. You will see over seventy streets covering an area of nearly 53 hectares, each bearing Bacchic names: Sauvignon, Cabernet, etc. Here you can also admire the oldest bottle of wine, dating from 1902.


Soroca - between the turks and tatars

In the morning, you will travel to Soroca town and visit Soroca fortress, the “pearl of fortification art” built by the Moldovan Prince Stephen the Great in 1499. It was a unique historical monument of defensive constructions architecture of medieval Moldova composed of a huge tower holding five smaller towers surrounding it. Currently, it is an important attraction in Soroca, having preserved cultures and kept the old Soroca in the present day. Soroca is also famous for the most numerous Gypsy community in Moldova. It influenced the architecture of the city. 

After the excursion at Soroca Fortress, you will visit the Gypsy Hill (gypsy style chateaux being an imitation of famous buildings, such as Capitol building in Washington and Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow). The Gypsy houses impress by their variety, diversity of colors, contrasts and luxury. About 20 hundred Gypsies live in Soroca.

After the fortress, you will visit the Candle of Gratitude monument, erected on a steep cliff on the bank of the Dniester river. The visitors who get here will be rewarded with picturesque and unforgettable views after climbing 600 steps that start at the Dniester River. 

Transnistra- Back in ussr!

We will start the day with a visit to Bender city (Tighina). It is a city controlled by the authorities of Transnistria. Tighina is located in the buffer zone established at the end of the War of Transnistria. In Bender, we will also visit the “Bender Fortress”. The fortress was built in one the most powerful of the medieval cities of Moldova – Tighina – which was an important trade outpost.

After exploring Bender, we will visit Tiraspol, the capital of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistria). It officially belongs to Moldova and is its second largest city. In Tiraspol, you will be visiting majot attractions such as sights V. Lenin monument and house of soviets, Transnistrian Parliament (25 October Ave, Tiraspol), Afghanistan War Memorial, Monument-tank, and more.

And we will not leave the place, before visiting the best traditional restaurant in Tiraspol – “Kumanek”. In Kumanek, you are invited to taste the taste the best of Ukrainian cuisine and the local beer.


Departure from Moldova
Our great adventure is ending. It was a wonderful time together. See you next time in Moldova!
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