Chisinau city tour & Cricova cellars

Tour itinerary

Chisinau – Cricova – Chisinau


Welcome to Moldova. We invite you to discover our capital city “Chisinau”. The first reference to the city is from the year 1436. It has a rich and beautiful architecture of white stone earning it a nickname the “white stone flower”.

Chisinau suffered through two world wars and the ruinous earthquake of 1940, but it is proud of being re-built by such famous Russian architects as A. Bernardazzi and A. Sciusev. During the tour you’ll get acquainted with Moldovan history, culture, architecture, political, commercial and social life.  You will visit next sights: the Glory Memorial “Eternity”, old buildings of 19th century designed by A. Bernardazzi: the Water Tower, City Hall,  and St. Teodora church, etc., the Cathedral and Arch of Triumph, the Central Park, and the Classics’ Alley.

Next on the itinerary is Cricova Winery, situated at a depth of 50-80 meters, and with a total lenth of 120 km (71 miles), the winery represents a real underground city. The Moldavian cellars where Vladimir Putin keeps his wine are so big you need to drive through them. You will also find Herman Goering’s private collection, taken by the Red Army from Berlin in 1945. Considered to be the pearl of Moldovan winemaking, Cricova is the founder of production of high-quality elite wines.

what's included

Lunch Menu: A plate with fresh vegetables, sheep cheese and a variety of meats, Cottage cheese pie, potato pie, apple pie, Mamaliga with pork stew, sour cream and sheep milk cheese

what's excluded

The cost of the tour may vary according with the group size, extensions, preferences, etc. Please contact US and get the best quote.